backyard vbs

Our Father, who provides everything we need, certainly provided for us this week!

We prayed He would provide enough food for each night since we were feeding dinner to all the kids and some of their parents; and He did.  One morning, I opened the door to find three garbage bags full of bread and goodies donated to us by Panera Bread.

We prayed He would provide enough adult hands to help each night; and He did.  The night we had upwards of 50 children in our backyard, we had nearly all the adults from Southern Orchards Missional Community plus a few other friends and neighbors there to lend a hand.

We prayed there would be peace and kindness throughout the week; and there was.  The older kids helped the younger kids, attitudes were great, and there were several instances of children having servants’ hearts.

We prayed the children would clearly hear God’s voice and do what He says; and they did.  Several kids made the decision to put away their old ways and to choose to love God with all their hearts and lives forever.

We prayed the neighborhood would be responsive; and they were.  We had several parents join us on the last day for our celebration that included Little Caesar’s Pizza and the lemonade stand.  They had nothing but great things to say about the week, and many were proud of the decisions their kids had made.  We even had lemonade customers comment on how the Lord would bless us for what we’re doing for the neighborhood.

We prayed God would open doors to relationships; and he did.  Most nights ended with hose-soaking fun with the neighborhood kids after all our Missional Community kids were gone or in bed.

What an incredible week!

Now, our prayer is that the Lord would begin to mesh the families who have committed to this Missional Community in the Southern Orchards neighborhood with the families who live here.

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