Truth delivered


There was once a bright sunny day.

The clouds had to stay away.

For a Community made their way

To a wonderful place to stay.


They set up their tasty food,

And then explained what to do.

Why you could only guess,

Passing out Bibles, Yes!


God set up a donation,

From a wonderful location,

Of the books they so loved,

To share with the young!


With a prayer to start the journey,

Of the Holy Spirit’s urging.

They knew hearts were ready;


So they split in to groups

And went out giving Truth

In the form of a book.


They were all able to find

The right houses. It was divine!


With a ring or a knock

They had the chance to talk

Of the fun exciting week.

That made the devil weak!


And of the life changing decision,

The young kids did mention!

They gave away Bibles,

One of God’s many inventions.


They remembered to share

Of the tasty food prepared.

And hoped they showed care

For the youngest ones there.


With a skip in their step,

They walked back with a pep.

For Courben did pray

Over the food on that day.


So now you know,

What God has sowed

Why you can only guess,

We have been so blessed!

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