beautiful grace

On Sunday afternoon, we loaded up food, blankets, and kids and headed to Alum Creek Beach for a celebration of new life.  Some of our girls had made the decision to show the world who they were in Christ, through baptism.  As we drove, we chatted about eternity, restoration, and Scripture.  They were giddy and anxious, excited and pensive; and once we arrived, all those emotions were heightened.  The chilly breeze and not-so-warm water only added to the anxiety, but these girls had the support of an extended family to spur them on.  They boldly proclaimed their identity in Jesus before I immersed them; and they came up out of the water with a sense that God had made them into new creations.  Smiling faces and proud hearts greeted them on the shore.  We ended our time by singing Beautiful Things by Gungor (a great selection by another one of our girls):

“All around, hope is springing up from this old ground; out of chaos, life is being found in You.  You make beautiful things, You make beautiful things out of the dust.  You make beautiful things, You make beautiful things out of us.”

I never would have guessed God would use some small town girl, like me, to show these young city girls who Jesus is, but He did.  He has put His deep love for them into me, and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to be Light to them.  These girls found life in our Father and are beautiful examples of His grace.


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    • After we gave them Bibles, we started by reading John. So the story of John the Baptist and Jesus sparked the conversation. They both had some prior knowledge of baptism, so we just clarified and answered questions.

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