And as a family…it worked!

If I told you that we were going to help a neighboring missional community with childcare while they had a visioning meeting, you might think, “Aww, that’s nice”. If I told you that we were going to show up with 20 of our own kids, you might think, “That will add an interesting dynamic”. If I told you that we were also going to transport bags of Halloween candy and ask the children to pack goodie bags, you might start to think, “That’s a little crazy”. In black and white, it looks a little crazy. In living color, it felt a little chaotic, but when all was said and done, it brought to light the beauty of functioning as a family. Around piles of candy, you saw adults and kids working side by side; you saw the older kids taking the younger kids under their wings, counting out five pieces of candy and putting them in bags. Same thing happened on the playground: adults were pushing swings, taking on “bathroom duty”, helping with the teeter totter, guarding the entrances and in turn the older kids were pitching in to help with the younger kids. No job was too small for an adult and no job was too big for a child. We embraced each moment together. At the end of the night, kids didn’t want to leave and we all gained appreciation for individual giftings/quirks and the value of doing even this small piece of life together. As a family, it was not only nice, interesting and crazy…it worked!

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