reverse take 2!

Halloween Night, a night where most kids go out door to door, dressed up, yelling “trick or treat” to get some free candy, but we’re Soma, so we do things a bit differently.  This year, just like last (I feel a tradition starting), we did Reverse Trick or Treating in the rain and cold weather (of course, most of us love cold weather as opposed to warm, so this worked out well for us).

For those of you who have no idea what that entails: we took tons of candy, put them in little bags, and we went out door to door to GIVE these bags to the people in our neighborhood. 

It was nice to see all the kids dressed up and excited to give these bags of candy away.  Instead of traditional trick or treating where the kids are focused on getting candy, our kids all hovered around the doors, hoping they were the ones to give the candy at that house.

We had a few people who remembered us from last year, others who remembered us from other events we’ve done in the neighborhood and, of course, new faces, which for me was the most exciting part. 

One man opened his door, ready to give out candy, but when we stopped him and explained what we were doing, I saw a light in his eye.  The light was mostly confusion, as if it was crazy to do this in our neighborhood (well it probably is, but it’s never stopped us before, and won’t stop us in the future), but also a little light of hope for the area.  He happily accepted our bag of candy, wished us a wonderful and safe night, and we were off to the next house; and I felt energized.

We stuffed 180 bags of candy and came home with only three.  It was a good feeling knowing we were able to see people, show them we’re in the neighborhood, and show them we care about them.  These are the times I see the path we’ve taken as a family, and that I have taken personally,  is the path we are meant to be on.

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