mormons, PO-lice, and hot chocolate

“Are y’all Mormons?”
“Nope, we are just handing out hot chocolate because we love our neighborhood”
“Well, whenever there is a group of white people, it’s usually Mormons or the PO-lice”

Just one of the conversations we had while handing out hot chocolate!

This past Sunday, we headed out in two groups with eight gallons of delicious, homemade hot chocolate and a couple bags of marshmallows between us. We split up in different directions and set to work setting up the stands. As usual, the kids out-numbered the adults, but we worked together and got ready to start passing out the yummy drinks. People weren’t lining up, but we were all so encouraged by the people God did send our way; the kids loved giving the hot chocolate, and everyone who stopped received it openly. One kind lady, in particular, was very excited.  She saw us from across the street, dropped her broom, and headed over. When she asked why we were giving out free hot chocolate (Yes, it’s free, and no we don’t want money!), we answered simply with, “We just want to show that we love our neighborhood.” After about thirty minutes of everyone singing (sometimes screaming), “Free hot chocolate” and getting a most excellent sugar rush, we all headed back indoors for pizza and conversation. All in all, it was a heart warming experience to serve and watch the kids as they were serving.

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