Best Christmas Ever


December is one of the busiest months of the year.  Everyone is running about, getting ready with decorating their homes, baking cookies, shopping, and spending time with loved ones.  And Soma is no different.  So let’s go through a recap of what is known as the most wonderful time of the year!

During our Family Worship, we had the Yates’ parents visit and we sang Christmas Carols; of course everyone was excited to sing!  With a guitar playing from one of our special guests, we sang some of our favorite Christmas songs.  We ended with a ‘play’ (readers theater) of sorts about the birth of Christ, only with some great humor, but the best part was one of the younger kids from the neighborhood wanted to be the narrator.  He struggled, but with a little help, he did most of the narration  and was determined to be a part of this fun activity.

And much like last year, we went out and passed out Christmas Cookies to the neighborhood (more traditions)!  Each family baked a few dozen, and right before we went out, we gathered around the table to stuff the bags.  We had our own kids and kids from the neighborhood help stuff these bags and we were off, splitting into two groups.

One of the best feelings was seeing a group of people I have seen and had a few conversations with, they always know us when they see us doing something good.  They assumed we were caroling, which gave most of us a good laugh, but one kid was all but ready to sing, attempting to prepare everyone to sing (although when he signaled people to start, he never mentioned a song for us).  He might have given us an idea for future years.

On our way back, as we passed the same group as before, one lady hurried to her home and turned on her Christmas decorations, which included at least half a dozen Christmas inflatables.  Half the group hung out there and watched them all come alive and watched the woman, excited to have people admire her decorations.

‘Twas the Night before the night before Christmas and we got together for dinner, a White Elephant Christmas Exchange, and Christmas Eve Eve Service with Cross City.  The dinner, as always, was so delicious (we do love our food), and the White Elephant was as fun as last year (you know, tradition).  It started off slow, very few steals, but as the last few presents were sitting there, we all went crazy.  Board Games passed around like crazy, digital clocks every which way, and a Mason Jar with a fake butter fly that flutters around when you tap it was in many different hands.  In the end, we all were laughing, got a new item to play with, and we were off to our cars.

At the Christmas Eve Eve service, you could tell everyone was excited, candles everywhere (which attracts small kids quite nicely, I might add) and a makeshift living room for story time with the kids during the service.  With good scripture and great songs, we ended our night, hugging and wishing each other a Merry Christmas.

Oh, but we’re Soma, and the year’s not over yet!  In our last 2012 hurrah, we went to the ultimate family restaurant, Buca di Beppo!  We all ate far too much, but who cares.  We all were able to come together, rest, and enjoy amazing food.  The kids acted great, and one, to his parents’ pleasant surprise, inhaled calamari and muscles.  Everyone was able order something and share, a real family feel, and we also discussed our next family get together.

December is a busy month; so often we forget the true meaning of the holiday and even forget what is important to us, but thanks to this family we are a part of, we are constantly reminded of those things, making this one of the best Christmases yet.

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