Happy Easter!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAQuestion of the week, how long would it take a group of kids to pick up nearly 1,500 Easter eggs?  The answer is less than 5 minutes.  This past Sunday we set up at our local park (Roosevelt Park), kids were itching and waiting for us at least an hour ahead of time!  After scattering the eggs, dividing kids into age groups (so the little ones didn’t get trampled by the older kids), we started our prayer and said we would do a count down.  The kids were so excited that right after our “Amen,” they raced towards the eggs.  With chaos, confusion, laughter, and egg shells in the air, in the blink of an eye, the field that was colorful thanks to the eggs was now an empty, green, grassy area again.  The kids showed off what they got, exchanged candies with their friends for their favorites, and played at the playground.  And of course we joined them.  It was great to also talk to some of the adults, learning of new neighbors, and the possibility of new relationships beginning.

It’s amazing to see how God works.  We remember this day as the day Jesus came back to us, three days after taking our death on himself.  Sometimes that escapes me, but I was reminded and filled with the Holy Spirit as we went back to our home afterwards and ate dinner together.  Before eating dinner we broke bread and had Communion.  We have had Communion a lot already, but sitting around the table, all of us discussing what it meant to us or what we have learned from it, it hit me that this is what true family is supposed to do.  Family is sharing communion around the table, sharing dinner, and sharing our stories from the day.  This is what Jesus wanted, sharing our lives together.  It truly excites me for the future, and all the future members of my family that will join us in our mission and in our lives, remembering Jesus and the amazing thing He has done for us all.  Happy Easter.

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