Snyders go a-gamin’

Hey Internet!, Nate here!  One of the exciting things we get to do at Soma is send people out to do what Jesus did, what the disciples did, and what many other disciples have been doing for roughly 2000 years:  be a part of bringing His Kingdom to creation.  One of the ways in which we do this is by making and multiplying Missional Communities.  I am blessed to be able to share today a bit of the story for one such couple as they were grown, cultivated, equipped, and then sent out to make new family for others to join them in.  This story comes from Dustin and Danielle Snyder:

What a journey we are on.  It’s been pretty amazing where God had us start and to where we are now.  As our Pilot Missional Community (the first MC at Soma) was coming to completion, and everyone was feeling called to go out and start their own MCs, I knew God was calling us to go out, too; but the mission was still a mystery to us.  The mission finally came to us when we were at our 3rd 3DM Learning Community in March 2013.  We were being led to begin a Missional Community based around games and those who love them.  Video games, board games, card games, any sort of game is what the mission would be.  That is what would bring us together and closer as an okios (Greek for extended family) and closer to God as a community.  God’s words were so clear to me that weekend.  What made it all come together all the more is that before I came to Christ, I participated in gaming type events, and went to a gaming store on a weekly occurrence.  The mission was given to us, and our OUTs were already thought of.  We excitingly explained the mission to our okios, and they were very excited for us.  But that was only the start of this journey.

We spent months starting to (re)build relationships with old friends and new ones, as we prepared for our new Missional Community.  In the meantime, the Pilot Missional Community ended, and two others formed and started meeting regularly, SOKs and Koinonia.  We were also blessed with our first child at this time.  As we prayed, God led us to hold off on starting our Missional Community, and so we joined the Shoemakers with their Missional Community, SOKs.  We spent a few months with them, being in community (which we find very important) and building relationships with our own POPs (Persons of Peace), and explaining and refining our mission.
In October, God told us it was time.  We had a group of people ready to start, and even more in the wing.  We were sent out by SOKs, and we officially began our Missional Community, Game On!  God has already blessed us with great people, and even more great opportunities for relationships on the horizon.  
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One response to “Snyders go a-gamin’

  1. Go!…Dustin and Danielle… make disciples. Thanks for hearing from God and being obedient to do something about it.

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