Rebecca’s heart

Hey, it’s Natalie!  I’d like to share a poem that was written about SOKs.  It was inspired by our time together, which included sneakily delivering gifts to neighbors (who we’re hoping will, in turn, go deliver their own gifts), eating and playing together, and choosing gifts for loved ones (thanks to my Aunt Donna and Uncle Barry, who were so generous in blessing our family).  So, without further ado, here’s Rebecca’s take on the evening:

Finally, I see something that I’m sure is through His eyes.
At last, I feel that which I’m positive He felt in his heart.
Definitely, this is one of the many times I know God and our Lord Jesus Christ lives within me.
Seeing the beauty of young ones and children learn of our King and Father;
Witnessing the welcoming of our Christ;
It moves me.

The joy in my heart is unexplainable, but yet that’s the perfect way to describe it.
The peace of mind and soul is comforting;
I know now the messages sent to me have been secured, assured, and made clear.
My identity is announced to me.

My reflection,
My place,
My heart;

All these things have been shown to me through this one day of dropping off bags of God’s love.

I am Christian and that is enough.
A part of a family that goes beyond blood,
One with a body that can not be seen, but only felt.
Meant to be with others who shine, but to roam among others who have not yet been sparked.

I’m loved by many and beautiful because of my heart.
Learning because I want to know Him, but also because I want others to feel His love.
The battle is hard and the journey is great;
Regardless I’m learning that the reward that comes from it all is more than worth it.

This is what I tell the Lord in my heart.
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