let the little children come to me

CA183E34-030B-4C20-B604-DD14DAED0063Do you ever feel like the disciples did? Bothered by the children?  It’s easy to get caught up in their mess, their chaos, and their noise.  But it’s also easy to see why Jesus scolded the disciples and told us all to be a bit more like the little ones (Matt 19).  Just a few Jesus-qualities shown by the youngest of our family at Open Door MC last week:

selfless service:  offering to serve food to others and choosing to eat last

evangelism:  requesting paper and crayons to make signs to invite others to the cookout

love & kindness:  the older ones toting around the younger ones, taking them underwing

compassion:  asking for prayer for their loved ones

generosity:  running home for five packets of kool-aid to make and share with the family

I’m so thankful God has entrusted us to begin discipling these young believers.  As we focus on sowing seed generously across our neighborhood, I’m reminded that these are the  first sprouts of the seeds we planted when we began this journey as a family a few years ago.




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