21 day challenge

Lots of our blog posts over the past few years have been all about Kingdom-what we’re doing as a family.  This one will focus on the other side of the continuum–Covenant and being a family.

At the end of August, we sat around as a huddle, talking about what God has been saying to each of us.  Some of us were unsettled, restless.  Others hearing the words “find contentment in the being.”  Over the last few months, we have had a new start as a family of missionaries.  We have all committed to living in one neighborhood with the focus of shining Christ’s light and bringing His Kingdom to where we are as a family.  It had been a challenge to just wait on the Lord and be patient in hearing what He wants us to do and be faithful in looking for people of peace.  As we discussed and questioned the kairos we had been given as a community, we threw around some crazy plans trying to find what obedience looked like.

Finally, we settled on this:  be together for 21 days straight.  21 days.  Not all day, every day; but together at least once every day.  That’s how many days it’s supposed to take to solidify a new habit.  21 days.  It was almost like a fast – giving up our individualism, our free time, and our schedules-a group of introverts.  Now this is sounding a bit “suffocating” as one of us put it.  We were united in our decision-we were determined to create a tight family, one we know will stand firm, one we can invite others into, one that has been tested.

21 days is up.  Everyone sacrificed something.  There were days we had to get up early to have breakfast together because work schedules went beyond our little ones’ bedtimes.  There was a day we had to meet at Kroger and grocery shop together even though some of us despise shopping.  There were even meals some of us didn’t prefer to eat.  Most of the days just looked like eating dinner or playing a couple video games or watching a movie together.  It ended up being much simpler and more natural than I had expected.  Isn’t that what a covenant family should be?  Simple and natural.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there were days when not everyone was happy.  There were days when not everyone was healthy.  And there were days when it would have just been easier to skip (like the day after the toddler fell and got nine stitches).  But mostly, there were days of joy, conversation, laughter, and family.  My prayer is two-fold: that we will look back on these 21 days as some of the best days as we drew closer, refined vision, and restarted on this mission our Father has set us on; and that we will be able to carry on with this new sense of family that we pressed into.

So, there’s your glimpse into what we’ve been doing-which has looked a whole lot like just being a family.

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