the more He stays the same, the more things change

In the books of Malachi, Hebrews, James, and Revelation (and more!) in the Bible we are told in various ways that God doesn’t change; that He is, “the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  This is a comforting thing.  It means as we learn more and more about our perfect Dad of Dad and what he and his Son are up to, we can count on the promises He’s made and trust His character and will.

So, for a God who doesn’t change, why can He seem so hard to follow at times? 

He moves.  He is forever in motion and his direction is constant, always at his work of restoring what is broken to righteousness in his Kingdom.  This movement is why there is mystery to the Spirit and why sometimes it seems like He changes and why it can be hard to follow him.  And it’s also why from time to time, as we seek his Kingdom, we are the ones who have to be transformed, we are the ones who have to pick up and move to his grace.

This is not an announcement.  Yet…
This is a heads up and a request to pray with us and help us consider and watch for his grace and movement.

So, here’s where we’re at:

Soma ‘launched’ in Jan 2012.  From then until now, we celebrate:
– stretching the definition of ‘church planting’ and realizing we’re more like domestic missionaries
– being given LOTS of amazing resources to steward, most of which have been people
– people committing to intentional discipleship
– being witnesses to 35 decisions to follow Christ and being part of as many baptisms
– seeing marriages and relationships restored
– being there when hearts no longer seek violence
– people being delivered from ‘less than pious jobs and cultures’
– many around us having learned their heart follows their treasure
– learning (and are still learning) how to hear His voice and obey
– countless mouths literally being fed
– … and more!  (We hope this blog has been a decent place to follow stories of His movement here in Southern Orchards, Columbus.)

By the end of 2014 we were perceiving things slowing down, orbits expanding, and missional partners moving on.  There are pieces of this that can be painful and difficult to understand.  So we prayed.  And we were reminded that any kind of pruning can be just that:  painful and difficult to understand.  But almost all of this pruning was indeed out of our control.  Throughout this time, our Father has been gracious, encouraging, generous, and even gentle.  He is good.  Let me repeat that:  He is good.

So, here we are just into 2015 and we’re asking Him if His grace for our part here has moved on (either in mission, mission context, or location), or if we are being tasked with persevering where we are and doing what we do.  This is our request to you, that you will pray alongside us in this ask.  Perhaps it’s the missionary hearts within us, but we are completely open to whatever His answer is; though we are not emotionless in the potential changes.

Pray hard and stay tuned.  🙂

– Nate

One response to “the more He stays the same, the more things change

  1. I will continue to pray with you for God’s perfect will and leading. So glad that you spent time fasting and praying for God’s guidance.

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