the wrap-up

We’re thrilled.  No, seriously.

We still get questions and comments from people who feel bad for us.  I get where they’re coming from and appreciate the attempt at empathy; but they’ve misread the event; they didn’t understand the good news of what’s happening.

The past few blog posts have given a good idea of the transition we’ve been going through and what that’s meant for Soma.  It would be easy as an observer to see these things as sad endings.  In fact, we’ve been around other similar events for people and churches and they ARE sad events; some of them tragic even.  This one isn’t.

God is so good, so generous, so gracious, and wow does he ever seem to have a big picture in mind!

Soma is officially being dissolved/closed (effective Dec 31st, for you detail types).  Months ago we heard our leg of the mission was complete, and we began praying to find out what the next leg was going to be.  We now have an answer.  God has sent replacements!  It’s another church, and this Summer three families moved into the same area we left at the beginning of the Summer!  It’s been just exciting and wonderful to hear how God is truly targeting our old neighborhood.  This new crew, though we’ve never met them, are doing missional communities, going door to door with cookies and offering prayer, and are already seeing people healed and lives changed.

How great is our God?  That He would have the next leg in the journey already lined up.  That He would give us a chance to hear the story of how He is moving there.  That He would reassure us that the well-being of where we were once doing mission is NOT actually ours, but His; and He will look out for it even after we’re gone.


So, yes, Soma is closing.  Yes, it’s good news.  Yes, we are excited about what this means for the neighborhood we’ve left.  Yes, we’re excited about where we’re going.

This blog site will cease updates effective immediately, but will remain live indefinitely so that people can always have access to read the story of God’s faithfulness, generosity, and movement through Southern Orchards and Wilson Avenue in Columbus, OH.

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